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These boys have done their jobs, and ready to enrich your herd with their fabulous genetics.  I traveled far and wide, even doing Artificial Insemination to bring the best genetics I could afford to my herd, but you don't have to!  Special pricing on these fantastic herd sires!  Go to their bio on the "Bucks Page" to see more about these fabulous fellows!

SGF Olaf F2 $350

Due to an unexpected demand this year, only a very few kids will be available, unless you have made previous arrangements with us.

Big Buck Blow-out Bonanza!

SGF Samurai F1 $350

Full Nigerian Dwarf Texas Skyz TUX Moonshine $350

SGF Blue Boy F1 $350

Available Goats for Sale

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There is no charge to reserve a place in line to choose a kid from Screaming Goat farm, however, once the kid is on the ground, and you have decided to purchase that kid, a $100 non-refundable reservation charge is required to hold that kid for you.  Your reservation fee must be received within 10 days of making your choice, or the kid will be placed back up for sale.  Once your reservation is received, your kid will be dam raised for at least two months.  Kids from Screaming Goat Farm should not leave until fully weaned.  Kids can be picked up from 8-12 weeks old and must be picked up by 12 weeks old, unless other arrangements have been made.  If a reserved kid does not leave Screaming Goat Farm by 12 weeks old, there is a $2/day boarding fee.  If, for whatever reason, you change your mind about the final purchase of your kid, your deposit is non-refundable.  In the remote chance that your kid should become ill or die before they leave the farm, your deposit will be refunded, or you may choose another kid if one is available.  Please make sure that you are prepared for your kid to come home before kidding season arrives.  This should include a securely fenced enclosure, a shelter from rain, hay racks, water source, and free-choice minerals.

All Screaming Goat kids (except for wethers or goats sold specifically for non-breeding) are sold with an application for registration with MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association), and a copy of all health related certificates for your records.  

Reserving a Mini Nubian Kid from Screaming Goat Farm

Shipping via Air Freight

Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Email me at:, or call (830)423-6532 for more information.

*There are animal transport groups on Facebook that may be able to help you transport your goats.  I would suggest getting in contact with them to arrange transport before you commit to buying a goat, if you are not within driving distance.  Also, I recommend Amy Sporna as a goat shipper.  She takes excellent care of the animals in her charge.*

Please see the "Kids" page, or the individual Bio pages for more information about the available goats.  Additional pictures available apon request

 Please sign up for free to be called about reserving a 2018 kid.  You will be called in the order that we receive your name.

We now have a Pet Food License to sell raw goat milk.  $7.00/ half gallon.  You must pick up at the farm.

Email me at:, or call (830)423-6532 for more information.

Purchasing a kid

- Shipping of animals within the continental United States is available, though quite costly, and all costs are the         buyer's responsibility, including travel expenses to and from the airport. 
- Shipping will need to be arranged by the buyer, and we will arrange the Vet appointment required to ship animals  across state lines, but buyer will make financial arrangements with the Vet directly to cover the costs.

- Crate will be purchased (by you) and sent to me, we will measure kids and determine if for one or two will fit,  and how large it needs to be.
- Flight must be prepaid by the buyer directly through the shipping airline. 
 - Here in San Antonio both Delta and American are the two carriers that will ship animals.  We will provide bedding, food and water.
- There are now facebook pages for folks looking to transport animals in certain regional areas, we highly recommend at least exploring other transport options.
- Our fee for arranging the Vet visit and delivering the animal to the airport is $100 
- By the time kids are ready to travel they are usually 20-23 inches tall at the head and any crate must allow them to fully stand. (It is best to ship - 10-12 week weaned kids)

 - The buyer will need to figure the weight of goat (usually around 20-25 lbs at 10 weeks), weight of crate, and another 5 lbs for bedding, feed and  water.
 - An estimate on cost to ship an animal via air is $600 on top of the cost of the goat.
- We require that a kid be fully paid for once the decision for purchase and ship out of state is made.
- The payment for flight, crate, travel etc. must be completed by a week prior to ship.    

     Kidding season usually starts in Feb./March and continues through April/May.  You may make a reservation from Screaming Goat Farm to ensure that you are in line to make your choice of available kids.  ​​​Mini Nubian kids are sold in order of request received. No deposit is required to reserve a choice of kid. Your reservation holds your place on my list of people who are looking for kids. I ask that you specify some things that you are looking for in your goat and what purpose he/she will serve.

     Our kids are dam raised, so they will be available for pick-up around 8-12 weeks of age.  If you do not pick them up at this time, and $2.00/day boarding charge will be charged until such time as you do pick them up.

     When your turn comes up and you choose your kid, a $100 non-refundable reservation fee is due within 10 days time.  This deposit will be applied to the cost of the kid at the time of pick-up, or before.  If the fee is not received by then, it will be assumed you have changed your mind, and the kid you chose will be placed back for sale. 

     Please be prepared to receive your kid into your home by making sure you have an adequate securely enclosed area, shelter, fresh water and food, plus a balanced mineral source for your new kids, loose goat minerals, and that you have the funds available for your purchase at the allotted time.

      If you would like to reserve a doeling or a buckling from a specific pairing, it is a $125 non-refundable reservation, except if that match does not produce the sex kid that you specified.  If we do not have a kid of the right sex or if we don't have a kid that meets your criteria, you can transfer your deposit to a kid from the next year's batch of kids, or accept a different kid of your choosing.
     Please fill out the form on the Mini Nubian breeding schedule page or click here to email me if you are interested in reserving a kid.  Deposits are taken in check form via 'regular' USPS mail, or Pay Pal.  If sending via PayPal, send to: 

                                                                  Please send deposits to:

Margo Begy 

408 Ratcliffe Ranch Rd. 

Bandera, TX


*We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm*