SS: Echo Hills 'Rio Bravo'

                       Sire: Soaring Heart's 'Beast Mode *B  F6


                                 SD: Echo Hills 'Lady Grace'

Screaming Goat Farm 'Grace Kelley'  F4

                              DS:VCHBeloved 'Freedom'

                   Dam: Green Gables 'Luna Lady Girl'  F3

                                  DD:  Green Gables 'Lovely Luna'


Kaitlynne and her brother

                                     SS: Paradise 'Ferdinand'

                       Sire: Paradise 'Orion'


                                 SD: Paradise 'Briar'

Paradise 'Celeste'

                              DS: Blue Oak's 'Talisman'

                   Dam: Paradise 'Petunia'

                                  DD: Paradise 'Nightshade'


Paradise 'Celeste'  F3

Dam's Udder

Kaitlynne is the spitting image of her beautiful dam, Katie.  Like her dam, she is staying small.  Her line is sure keeping the "mini" in Miniature Nubians! I can't wait to see her freshen, since her sire brings super milk genetics with him.  She has nice length to her body, and strong legs.  She blends nicely from her neck through her shoulders, and is nice and open through the escutcheon.  Kaitlynne also shows good rear leg angulation, like both of her parents. The judges said of her in the 2016 MDGA Summer V-show, "...for dairy character.  She is longer and leaner in her neck, sharper at the withers, and wider in the escutcheon.  In body capacity, she has more depth of rib."

Grand-Dam's Udder (Grace)

Thanks to Eliya Elmquist for pictures of Green Gables goats.

Dam- Shining Hope's Udder

Dam: Paradise 'California Girl' F3

Sire: Green Gables Eclipse

Dam's Dam: Fertile Earth's Farm 'Ivy'

Echinacea in milk

"Grace"  This girl made an impression from the minute she was born.   Her long, wide, pendulous ears are from her father, Beamer.  She is a light brown buckskin with a white nose, white ears and poll, and an interesting graduated roaning that goes from light to dark, front to back.  She already has a Roman nose, that will improve with age.  She has black shins, and a black dorsal stripe down her spine.  A white half-belt decorates her sides.  She started out cute, but now she is turning into a stunning little doeling that is a stand-out wherever she goes!  She has a very sweet disposition, and loves people.  MDGA judges comments for the '15 summer show were: "We congratulate this doe for her beautiful long Nubian ears."

G6S Normal by parentage

Paradise 'California Girl'  F4

Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Sire's Dam: Green Gables 

'VCH Sapphire 3*P' Udder

Sire - Soaring Heart's 'Beast Mode'

GCH Gypsy Moon Sudoku +B,*S

                                     SS: VMCH Green Gables 'Moonbeam'

                       Sire: Green Gables 'Eclipse'


                                 SD: Green Gables 'VCH Sapphire 3*P' 

​​Screaming Goat Farm 'Katelynne'  F6

                              DS: Soaring Heart's 'Tate' 

                   Dam: Screaming Goat Farm 'Katie'

                                  DD: Green Gables 'Heyden'


Green Gables 'Hope of Freedom'  F4

Green Gable's 'Echinacea' *P F4

                                     SS: Rambler's 'Fair Haired Boy'

                       Sire:Beloved 'Freedom'


                                 SD: Rainbow Hills 'Freckle'

Green Gables 'Luna Lady Girl'

                              DS: Green Gables SS 'Moonbeam *B'

                   Dam: Green Gables 'MB Lovely Luna'

                                  DD: Green Gables CB Lucinda *P


"Hope" comes from Green Gables in WI and brings with her champion milk lines from both sides of  her pedigree.  Her father is a Finished Virtual Champion, and her dam has two milk stars, so she has milk and conformation from both sides of her family.   Her quality shines through from her level top line, smooth transitions, and wonderful body capacity.  She has a sweet face and pendulous Nubian ears with a bell curve.  She is a very colorful goat, on top of her other fine attributes.  The MDGA judges said of her during the '15 summer V-show: " For general appearance in the legs and feet, this doe stands on stronger rear pasterns.  She also appears to have a stronger topline in the area of the chine.  She has more angularity in the rear leg from both the front and side view."


Sally, Sire's Dam

Screaming Goat Farm Pippi  F1

Sire's Sire: +B Rosasharn SS Sequoia *S

A gallon, and still more to go!

Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Katie

"Queenie" is a beautiful daughter of SGF Picasso that we retained from last year.  Her sister was all black with frosted ears, but Queenie is the spittin' image of her gorgeous father.  She is becoming a very elegant doe, with her long neck, smooth blending , and straight topline.  We are looking forward to seeing what she will produce for us next spring.  One judge at the MDGA '16 Summer V-Show said: " (She excels) the area of General Appearance standing on stronger front pasterns, with a more level topline, and in Body Capacity with greater width in the chest floor."

                                     SS: Herzinger's RT 'Mackay Emerals'

                       Sire: Odeon 'Naughty Boy'


                                 SD: Herzinger's 'Zip Butter Brickle 

Cherry Butte'Ruth'

                              DS: Kastdemur's 'Full Advantage'

                   Dam: Cherry Butte 'Cloud'

                                  DD: The Chi Chi


Cherry Butte 'Ruth' F1

Reference Does

"Ruth"came from Cherry Butte Farm in WA state.  Many mini Nubian breeders have started new lines from proven Nubian and Dwarf Nigerian dairy stock, to inject new blood into their lines.  Ruth was one such goat.  She brings with her a straight top line and amazing body capacity.  She easily gives birth, and often has more than two kids.  Of her numerous kids, last years' were retained at Soaring Hearts Farm.  Her udder is capacious, and her teats are large and well shaped.

                                     SS: Echo Hill's 'Dominator'

                       Sire: Echo Hill's 'DO Goldstone'


                                 SD: Echo Hills 'Black Opal'

​Green Gables 'Echinacea'

                              DS: Echo Hill's 'Ulysses S. Grant *B*V'

                   Dam: Green Gables USG 'Trillium 2*P'

                                  DD: Country Dreams 'Rosebud *P


Screaming Goat Farm 'Queen of Hearts' F4

Echinacea's 3rd freshening udder.

Sire's Dam: Rosasharn Unique 4*D AR

                                     SS: +B Rosasharn SS Sequoia *S

                       Sire: GCH Gypsy Moon Sudoku +B,*S


                                 SD: Rosasharn Unique 4*D AR 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Pippi  F1

                              DS: Ballew Hurricaine

                   Dam:  Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

                                  DD: Hemphill Farm Velvet Rabbit


Luna's 2015  buckling 'Moondancer', and doeling 'Grace Kelley'

                                     SS: Green Gables 'Heyden'

                       Sire: Screaming Goat Farm 'Picasso'


                                 SD: Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

​​Screaming Goat Farm 'Queen of Hearts'  F4

                              DS: Paradise 'Hercules'

                   Dam: Paradise 'California Girl'

                                  DD: Fertile Earth's Farm 'Ivy'


Her ears just keep getting better!

Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne  F6

                                     SS: Fertile Earth's Farm 'Alchemist'

                       Sire: Paradise 'Hercules'


                                 SD: VGCH Paradise 'Sally'

Paradise 'California Girl'

                              DS: Blue Oak's 'Legends Begin'

                   Dam: Fertile Earth's Farm 'Ivy'

                                  DD: Blue Oak's 'Compass Rose'


Thanks to Cris Sandoval and Katherine Andersen for pictures of Paradise goats.

Screaming Goat Farm 'Queen of Hearts' F4

Screaming Goat Farm Grace Kelley


Dam's Udder

Screaming Goat Farm Pippi  F1

G6S Normal by parentage

Sire: Screaming Goat farm 'Picasso'

Green Gables  'Luna Lady Girl'  F3  

G6S Normal by testing

"Calli"comes from Paradise Goats near Santa Barbara, California.  She is a very correct and feminine doe, with a very straight top line.  She is black with brown accents, and flashy splashes of white on both sides, and a white  poll cap.  She has brown "eye stipes", with frosted ears and nose.  Her long ears have the wonderful Nubian bell shape.  Calli comes from an excellent, award-winning dairy background, with great conformation, long neck with smooth transitions, great length of body, nice brisket extension, and with a perky gait that says "here I am!"

G6S Normal by testing

"Luna" is a lovely, light brown, heavily moonspotted doe out of Green Gables 'Lovely Luna', and Beloved 'Freedom', who always seems to pass moonspots on to his progeny.   She comes from a strong dairy background, and she inherited her good topline and body capacity from her Grand Sire, Green Gables SS 'Moon Beam *B', who sadly passed away last winter.   She has a joyful, fun-loving personality, and skips and bounds, sometimes sideways, when she is out in the pasture, earning her the nickname of "Looney Luna"!  She gave us two of the nicest kids of the season in 2015; a black and white moonspotted buckling, and a beautiful tan doeling.

​G6S Normal by Parentage

Thanks to Eliya Elmquist for pictures of Green Gables goats.

Best Senior Doe in Show and
Grand Champion
Mini Nubian Senior Doe
In MDGA’s Fall ‘11 Virtual Show

Sire - FVC  Beloved 'Freedom'

Finished Virtual Champion

Pippi is the much-awaited offspring from our first A.I.  attempt between a stunning Nubian doe and an award-winning Nigerian buck.  I love her body capacity, smooth blending shoulders, and wonderful escutcheon area.  I'm hoping there will be a beautiful udder to fill that space when she freshens!  I was working on improved udders and teats with this mix, as Silkie has one of the best medials I have seen with perfectly placed, plumb teats.  Pippi's sire is a Grand Champion who has sired Champion daughters.  She is very wide between the hocks.

Thanks to Cris Sandoval and Katherine Andersen for pictures of Paradise goats.

Echinacea's 2017 doeling by GG Eclipse

Celeste comes from Paradise farm in California.  She has a nice straight top line, strong Nubian features and is black with four white socks, frosted long bell shaped ears, a Nubian nose, and a couple of "stars" on her sleek black flanks. Celeste is a nicely put together doe with smooth transitions and good conformation.  She is very sweet, and loves people, since we bottle raised her.   MDGA Summer 2015 V-show judges comments were: -"She excels in the area her general appearance, and in the area of front end assembly.  Her shoulders are tighter, and she has a nice extension of brisket and sharpness at the withers.  We also see a more angularity in the rear leg from the rear view.  She should be commended for her width through the chest."  

Screaming Goat Farm

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Trillium's udder

Thanks to Eliya Elmquist for pictures of Green Gables goats.

D.O.B 03/09/17

Echinacea was a beautiful doe from Green Gables in WI.  We always said her name: "Echinacea, the beautiful one". She was very refined and feminine, with a long neck, and wide soulful eyes with flashy "eye make-up".  She walked with such a feminine grace, it was like she was walking on clouds!  She was very sweet and affectionate.  She came from a great background, with emphasis on conformation and dairy character.  She was a good combination of her sire and her dam, inheriting their level top-line and good body capacity.  Echinacea had sleek, soft dairy skin.  She got her sire's looong ears, and Roman nose, too!   Her disposition was so sweet, and she was very people-oriented.   She was one of my best milkers, and achieved her milk star just before her untimely death.  She will be sorely missed.

G6S Normal by Parentage

Grand Dam's Udder

Sire's Dam: Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

                                     SS: Ramblers Fair Haired Boy

                       Sire:VCH Beloved 'Freedom'


                                 SD:Rainbow Hill Freckles

Green Gables 'Hope of Freedom'

                              DS: +B Echo Hill's Shining Star 

                   Dam: Green Gables SS Shining Hope 2*P

                                  DD: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace1*P