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Picasso has gone to live with Tisha Winett in Hutto, TX, at Goat Trails at Creekside Farm.

Beamer as a newborn

Soaring Heart's Farm 'Beast Mode' *B  F6

Dam- MCH/CH (p) Hill Country's EJ Zip Drive 8*D

2xJr.CH, 2xSr.GCH, 2xRGCH

Our beloved Beamer passed away suddenly on June 18th, 2016

"Beamer"was a half brother to Mikey, inheriting Lady Grace's beautiful coloring and milk star.  He also came from Soaring Hearts farm in WA state.  His Dam is Echo Hills 'Lady Grace *P', and his Sire is Echo Hills 'Rio Bravo'.  He came from champion milkers, like his brother, but with the improvement of super long ears.  He was very gentle and loving, and unusually quiet.  He was a purebred buck, and we were very pleased with what he produced for us in 2015 and 2016.  He was our favorite buck, sweet and loving, and will be sorely missed.  The judges at the MDGA summer '15 show said of Beamer: "- For his body capacity, he is deep and wide from the chest through to the barrel.  He has a nice extension of brisket.  In the area of dairy character we see a more angular rear leg set from the back view.  He is more open, wide and rounded at the escutcheon.    He excels for his width and depth through the chest as well as his smoother blending through the shoulder."

G6S Normal by testing

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Thanks to the Kowalik's of Lost Valley Nigerians for the Lost Valley goat photos

Dam - Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

Gary and Beamer

Thanks to Wendy Valentine for the early photos of  Soaring Hearts goats.

Photo by: Tisha Winett, Goat Trails at Creekside Farm

Dam - Echo Hills 'Lady Grace *P

Dam's Udder

Sire- Lost Valley LG Neeko *S/*B

1xGrand Champion

All time breed leader for protein

on 305 or 1 day!

MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

Reserve Champion Senior Buck 

                             SS: Echo Hills 'Cracker Jack'

             Sire: Echo Hills 'Rio Bravo'

                       SD: FCH Echo Hills 'Sierra Sarah *P 

Soaring Heart's 'Beast Mode' *B

                              DS: CH Echo Hills 'Sinbad' *B

                Dam: Echo Hills 'Lady Grace' *P 

                               DD: Echo Hills 'Nikita'

Tate and Heyden really came through for us with this gorgeous little buckling we named Picasso, because he is a masterpiece, and a work of art.  He has a beautiful Roman nose like his Mom, and fully pendulous ears with the Nubian flip to them.  His topline is nice and straight, with wonderful length to his body, on sturdy legs.  He has super milk lines on both sides of his family.  Now lets talk about his looks.  When he was born, all I could say was  "WOW!".  Even if you are not a fan of moon spots, (Really? Are there such people?) you would have to admire all those colors.  He is red (not brown), and black, with white and beige moonspots all over, even on his ears and tail.   And his face is so beautiful, with big, wide-set, soulful dark brown eyes.   

        G6S Normal by testing

To learn more about Lost Valley Goats,

Lost Valley 'Zippy' *8  Full Nigerian Dwarf

"Zippy" came to us from the renowned Lost Valley Nigerians farm, where they have been breeding award-winning Nigerian Dwarfs for over 25 years.  Zippy came from a proud heritage of not just amazing conformation and dairiness, but high butterfat and protein content to his line's milk.  

    His dam has wonderful conformation, great body capacity,  spring of rib, a straight top-line, and amazing udder capacity.  She has 8 milk stars to her name, and 2 Jr.CH, 2 Sr.GCH, and 2 RGCH.  We were really pleased to be able to begin our own new line of miniature Nubians with this fine little buckling as herd sire.

                             SS: VCH Beloved 'Freedom'

             Sire: Green Gables 'Heyden' 

                       SD: Green Gables 'Pollyanna' 3*P

Screaming Goat Farm 'Picasso'

                        DS:FMCH Soaring Heart's Farm 'King of Pop'

                Dam: Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

                               DD: FMCH Soaring Heart's 'Hyacynth' *P

Screaming Goat Farm 'Picasso'  F6

Parents Soaring Heart's 'Tate' and Green Gables 'Heyden'

Sire's Dam- ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M