SS: SG Kastdemur's At Your Service++*B


                       Sire: Swoon Ace Music Man *B


                                 SD: SGCH TLC-Farms Twanda's Next Tune

TLC Farms MM Eden



                                    DS: SGCH Kastdemur's Audacious ++*B


                   Dam: TLC-Farms Audacious Eloise


                                  DD: SGCH TLC-Farms KV Etta Place



                                                                                   SSS : SAADA GANDOL

                                                                                                             SSSD : SAADA LEMON ALBEDO 5*M 92EEE

                                                  SS : SAADA M'LORD TREE BEARD

                                                                                                               SSDS : GOLDTHWAITE MY LIEGE OTHELLO

                                                                                    SSD : SAADA BELLFRYS M'LADY VAMPRESS
                                                                                                               SSDD : SAADA BAT'S BELLFRY


                                                                                                              SDSS : GOLDTHWAITE JOHAN S BUCH
                                                                                    SDS : GOLDTHWAITE B'LOUS MAN
                                                                                                              SDSD : GOLDTHWAITE MY BONNY B'LOU


                                                                                                              SDDD : SAADA LAURIE JAYDO


                                                                                                               DSSS : SAADA REMARKABLE LEMON MOOSE

                                                                                    DSS : SAADA MUCH ADO KARIBOU

                                                                                                               DSSD : DESERT CAPER CC'S SACCKARA


                                                                                                                DSDS : GOLDTHWAITE SAADA TYBALT

                                                                                                                DSDD : ROCKING-THISTLE ACT CABARET


                                                                                                                DDSS : SAADA CHRISTA'S MAGIC MARKER
                                                                                     DDS : SAADA REMARKABLE LEMON MOOSE

                                      DD : SAADA HELLATIOUS KARISMA

                                                                                                               DDDS : COOK'S RANCHO CHOCTAW CHIEF
                                                                                      DDD : DESERT CAPER CC'S SACCKARA
                                                                                                               DDDD : DESERT CAPER M. SACHARISSA


Dam's udder feeding triplets

Rev and Silkie gave us three wonderful kids in 2019, and Ahmar is the only doeling.  I love this girl!  She has her dam's straight topline and Nubian character.  I am hoping for a nice blend of her sire's lines udder, and her dams.  Silkie has beautiful teat placement with a capacious udder and very good fore udder.  Rev puts udders and conformation on his kids. 

     Ahmar kidded this spring, but unfortunately we lost the kid.  Her ff udder is very nice; high and tight with an extremely smooth fore, with nice teat placement.  Her hips are wide and flat, with a beautiful top line.  She also has a lovely face.   She is just an all-around well put-together doe!


                                    SS: Goldwaith B'Lous Man++*B


                       Sire: Saada Capt. Jamalla


                                 SD: SG Irish-Cream Capricorn 5*M

Screaming Goat Farm Aliyah



                                    DS: Ballew Hurricaine


                   Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit


                                  DD: Hemphill Farm's Velvet Rabbit



Screaming Goat Farm Aliyah


Sire's Dam Saada Lady Jamilla's Udder  LA 93EEE

Sires littermate, Saada Lady Jamilla

Swan's Udder

Sire's Dam: SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M

( SGCH, LA 5-04 E93 6*M)

*The Ballew line is based heavily on Cream-of-Kansas, Kastdemur, and Saada lines.

Isadore Meadows Raven  

Eden is a beautiful young doe from TLC Farms.  I love her smoothly blended shoulders and long elegant neck.  Her Dam had a nicely socked-on udder with good teat placement, so we hope to see something like that when she freshens next spring.

 Saada top and bottom!

Silky, showing her high and tight udder, great width of rump and close-set, plumb teats.  She also has a very strong medial attachment.

Sire:Swoon Ace music Man as a baby

D.O.B. 3/13/19

Dam's Udder: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

"Silky" is a beautiful black and brown Nubian with tons of beige and white moon spots.  She has a beautiful udder with a great medial with high and wide attachments and perfectly placed, plumb teats.  Silky has wide hips, and a straight topline and very straight, correct legs.  I love her wide Nubian ears and golden eyes.   She is fairly small in stature for a Nubian, so we think that it will be easy to miniaturize her progeny down to miniature Nubians.   She gave birth to 3 full Nubian kids in February 2019, all keepers.  She gave birth to a single doeling by A.I. from Saada Capt. Jamalla.


                                    SS: Ballew Artisan


                       Sire: Ballew Hurricaine


                                 SD: Ballew Tsunami 

​​Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit



                                    DS: Ballew Black Beauty


                   Dam: Hemphill Farm's Velvet Rabbit


                                  DD: Ballew Claire



Ahmar's FF Udder

Sire's Dam:SGCH Saada  El Lavitica

Saada Swan's Down  

D.O.B. 4/16/2019

Silky's 2019 Nubian triplets

Dam: TLC-Farms Audacious Eloise

Sire: Saada Elias Revelation *B

We are starting our own Miniature Nubian line from scratch, and to that end we have acquired some excellent blood stock out of some of the best Nubian lines in the country.  Our foundation does have bloodlines based heavily on the Saada line, as well as Cream-of-Kansas, and Kastdemurs, since they are producing the kind of Nubians that I like; beautiful, elegant conformation and great dairy character, with strong Nubian features.  These Does will be bred with excellent Nigerian Dwarf sires to produce our F1 generation.  All Of our goats are G6S Normal.  (See the "Reference Does" page for more of our foundation Nubians)

Swan's 2018 buckling, SGF Aljamal

Reserve Champion Jr. buck, 2018 MDGA Summer and Fall V-Show

Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

D.O.B. 3/2/2019

D.O.B 04/01/09


Dam's Udder

Silky's amazing fore udder.  this is her fourth freshening

Dam's Udder: Great teat placement, feeding triplets

Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats


SGF Abn Ilyas son of Saada Eliyas Revelation

Sire's Dam:SGCH Saada  El Lavitica

Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Swan gave birth to a perfect little "mini-me" in 2018.  This is her Mini Nubian daughter, SGF Cygnette.  She was awarded "Best Jr. Doe in Show" during the Fall 2018 MDGA V-Show. 

Tragically we lost her in the fall of 2019.

LA90EEEV  I am thrilled to add this incredible doe to our line-up here at Screaming Goat Farm.  I love Swan's conformation from her great brisket, upright stance on sturdy correct legs, right on through to her wide hips and superb udder.  I also love her very Nubian face, her elegant neck, and her background,  which is why I showed the extended pedigree, so you can see all of the fabulous goats she has in her lineage.  It reads like a who's-who of the Saada line.

      Her sire's dam and his maternal sister have both placed 1st udder at National shows.  Her sire, Jalal, is powerful yet sharp and well blended.  He has impressive width between the hocks, wonderful feet and legs, and a strong back.  

      Swan's dam was a very willing milker who usually milked close to 3,000 lbs., and had 6 milk stars.  Both Sire and dam have very straight toplines and uphill stance.

     Jalal Hilkiah is a proven buck whose kids show improvement in rumps, shoulders, briskets, medials and teat placement over their dams.

​     Saddly, Sadda Nubians has gone out of business recently, so Swan is even more precious to us!


Photo credit:  Frog Flat Farm, and Saada Goats

Dam: TLC-Farms Audacious Eloise


                                    SS: Saada Ishmael


                       Sire: Saada Elias Revelation


                                 SD: Saada El-Levitica

Screaming Goat Farm Ahmar



                                    DS: Ballew Hurricaine


                   Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit


                                  DD: Hemphill Farm's Velvet Rabbit



Dam: Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M  LA E 91EEEE

D.O.B 05/31/14

TLC Farms MM Eden  

Screaming Goat Farm Ahmar  

SD: SGCH TLC-Farms Twanda's Next Tune

D.O.B. 3/16/2020

Aliyah's baby escutcheon.  So wide...

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Full Nubian Does

Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Aliyah is my A.I. success from this year.  I was gifted with five precious straws of Saada Captain Jamalla semen, which I had been saving and finally used.  Four attempts failed and then on the LAST staw, Silky settled.  Was hoping for a litter, but we got one AWESOME little doeling.  She looks like the reincarnation of her Aunt, Lady Jamilla.  She is a sturdy little girl who looks completely Saada to me.  Can't wait to see an udder on this girl.