Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Sire's Dam: Atwood Acres Dott

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Chipotle

                                     SS: Wood Bridge farm Apache Wind

                       Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Chipotle


                                 SD: Atwood Acres Dott

​​Engle Acres C Yellow Rose

                              DS: Wood Bridge Farm Bear Claw

                   Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Forget-Me-Not

                                  DD: Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose


 Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Chipotle

A friend talked me into getting a couple of Nigerians, so now I am getting hooked on these little sweeties!  This little girl is a beauty, and the more I learn about Nigerian Dwarf goats, the more I am impressed with her lineage!  Her grand dam was 2018 ADGA Grand Champion Nigerian, so you can't get much better than that.  Also, her grand Sire is the incomparable WBF Apache wind.  This girl certainly has the family connections!  I look forward to breeding her this fall and having kids in the spring.  Stay tuned for the next chapter!

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Pets Legacy

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm


Dam's Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm

 Teacher's Pet

Sire: Agape Oaks AD Tuxedo

 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

I love Moonshine's dam's high escutcheon and lovely dairy wedge.  I have been looking to raise up the back udders, and I think he will help with this.  I like his beautiful top line, smoothly blended shoulders, and his dairy background.  He has impressive spring of rib as well.  He also has a nice brisket, and broad heart floor.  In addition, he is a very sweet boy.

Dam's Sire:  Wood Bridge Farm


Sire's Dam's Udder

Sire's Dam's Udder

Sire's Dam: Atwood Acres Dott

A friend of mine helped me find this special little man when I told him I wanted to find a fantastic herdsire to make Mini Nubians with.  Pepper's pedigree is chock full of some of the most well known Nigerians currently available.  I like the Wood Bridge farm line for their constancy, excellent udders, uphill stance, and long, level top line.  They have lovely, long necks, and sturdy straight legs; the whole package! 

Dam's High and Tight Udder

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Dam: Harlequin RB Goodnight Moon 1*M/1*D

Sire's Sire: Wood Bridge Farm

             Apache Wind

For Sale $350

Sire's Sire: CH Wood Bridge Farm

 Apache Wind

Texas Skyz TUX Moonshine *B *B Full Nigerian Dwarf

Engle Acres C Chili Pepper​

Thanks to Shannon James of Texas Skyz Nigerians for photos of Moonshine and his family

​​​                             SS: Poppy Patch HB Adonis​2016 LA VVE "88"

            Sire:  Agape Oaks AD Tuxedo

                       SD:GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Tiramisu 2*M 2015 LA EEEV 90​ 

Texas Skyz TUX Moonshine *B

                              DS: SG Piddlin Acres BRS Reboot  +*B VEE "89"


Dam: Harlequin RB Goodnight Moon 1*M/1*D

                               DD: Harlequin ML Bedtime Story

Thanks to Wood Bridge Farm for photos of chili's family

Engle Acres C Chili Pepper​

​​​                             SS: Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind

            Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Chipotle

                       SD: Atwood Acres Dott

Engle Acres C Chili Pepper

                              DS: Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable


​              Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Pet's Legacy

                               DD: Wood Bridge Farm Teacher's Pet 

Yellow Rose shown here on the left

Sire's Dam's Udder

Nigerian Dwarf Does

Engle Acres C Yellow Rose

Dam's Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose

ADGA 2018 Grand Champion Nigerian