Congratulations, Marigold, for coming in second place in her age group in the MDGA Summer 2020 V-Show!

Sire: SGF Storm Surge

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                                     SS: Green Gables Eclipse *B

                       Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Storm Surge


                                 SD: Soaring Heart's Tate

​​Screaming Goat Farm Petunia

                              DS: Saada Elias Revelation *B

                   Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Winney

                                  DD: Soaring Heart's Tate


D.O.B 01/27/17  76.55% Nubian/ 23.45% Nigerian

Born: 2/12/2020   67.10%/ 32.90% 

Winney  is an F1 beauty with conformation and breed character.  The Saada influence can be seen in her front end assembly, with her elegant neck blending smoothly into her shoulders.  She stands on sturdy legs, and her fine brisket and length of body are evidence of the powerhouse doe she has become.  She is wide from her muzzle to her hips. I am very pleased with her escutcheon, and her first freshening udder was just stunning!  She already possesses the style and dairy wedge that I am looking for in this new line of Mini Nubians.   She has shown a strong will to milk, coming back into milk for an extended lactation after we thought she had dried up!

76.55/23.45 Nubian/Nigerian ratio.

DD:Green Gables Holly O'Malley

Baby Petunia, 2 days old

Congratulations Winney!  She took Reserve Champion andBest Udder In Show in the MDGA '18 Summer V-Show!

This is exactly what I was hoping for when I began this quest for a new line of Mini's.  Bunny comes from a powerhouse of a Nubian doe.  Her dam, Silky, has width all the way through from her heart floor to her escutcheon, W I D E hips, and perfectly placed, plumb teats on a high and tight udder.  Sire Higgs is a gorgeous closely line-bred Nigerian buck out of Nigerian Dwarf royalty (Rosasharn's TL Zenith and Algedi Farm H drops of Jupiter *S).  Bunny is just like her dam, but with a better topline and legs.  I feel confident that this doe will be a major player going forward with this new line of Mini's I am developing.  She is perfection for an F1.                                          Love her!  

Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

SD:  Soaring Heart's Tate

Sire: Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B

SGF Winney took Grand Champion Doe andBest Udder In Show in the

"Texas Two-Step" Mini Dairy Goat Shown in Boerne, TX June 2019!

Early Escutcheon

Junior Doelings

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                                     SS: Green Gables Eclipse *B

                       Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Storm Surge


                                 SD: Soaring Hearts Tate

​​Screaming Goat Farm Deena

                              DS:Saada Elias Revelation *B

                   Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Elladine

                                  DD:Green Gables B Holly O'Malley


Sire's Sire: Algedi Farm H Drops of Jupiter *S

4 month old beautiful, open escutcheon

 DS: Saada Elias Revelation *B

Dam's Udder 

Incredible teat placement, gorgeous medial

Sire's Dam:: SGCH Saada El Lavitica 3*M

Sire's Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's

TL Zenith 3*P

Winney came through last year with two lovely daughters.  I chose Petunia to retain since she impressed me with her clean physique, smooth blending, lovely straight top line, wide hips, and correct legs.  Her face is also lovely.  Petunia is going to be bred this fall to her half-brother, Manny,  for  F3 kids next year.

Congratulations Petunia!   Reserve Champion Jr. Mini Nubian Doe, Texas 2-Step Show, June 2019

                                     SS: Saada Ishmael

                       Sire: Saada Elias Revelation


                                 SD:SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Winney  F1

                              DS: CH Soaring Heart's King of Pop

                   Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

                                  DD: FMCH SH Hyacinth *P


Zephyrs baby udder and escutcheon

Dam: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Bunny as a kid.  Her moonspots are beginning to show

D.O.B. 2/21/18    50% Nubian/ 50% Nigerian

I love this little doe, Zephyr.  This is a bad picture, and does not do her justice.  her coloring has lightened up, so you can see her moonspots much better.  But what I really like about this girl is her beautiful, high and open escutcheon.  She has lovely breed character, with a roman nose and ears like her sire.  Add her long neck and well turned out shoulders, and she has the best of her sire and dam.  Better pics on the way!

Dam's Udder

  Sire: SGF Storm Surge

Sire: SGF Pot 'O Gold F2

                                     SS: Saada Elias Revelation +B

                       Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Elias


                                 SD:  Hemphill Silk Rabbit

​​Screaming Goat Farm Zephyr

                              DS: Saada Bearly Zaahire

                   Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Zaahira


                                    DD: Green Gables Holly O'Malley


Screaming Goat Farm Winney *P  F1

Dam:  SGF Zaahira

Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Winney

Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Sire: Saada Elias Revelation

Winney's First Freshening Udder

         "Udder Perfection!"

Screaming Goat Farm Zephyr F1

Screaming Goat Farm Bunny F1

Winney winning Grand Champion, and Best Doe in Show, as well as BUIS at the TX Two-step show June 2019

Winney as a youngster

 DD: Soaring Heart's Tate

Screaming Goat Farm Marigold  F3

Dam's Sire: CH Soaring Heart's

King of Pop

Sire's Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's

TL Zenith 3*P

Marigold's baby udder, showing promise!

 Sire: Full Nubian

SGF Abin Elias

                                     SS: Algedi Farm H Drops of Jupiter *S

                       Sire: Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B


                                 SD:  SGCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*P

​​Screaming Goat Farm Bunny

                              DS:Ballew Hurricaine

                   Dam: Hemphill Farm's Silk Rabbit

                                  DD:Hemphill Farm Velvet Rabbit


Screaming Goat Farm Deena  F2

Born 2/22/2020   %/%

Dam Soaring Heart's

Tate's  Udder

Deena is such a lovely girl, I don't know where to begin.  both her dam and sire passed on their beautiful Nubian character with a nice Roman nose, and looong lovely ears.  She is very colorful, and shows promise to have a lovely udder just like her Grand Dam, Silky.  She is elegant with a long neck blending well into her shoulders.  legs are straight and she has nice rear leg angulation.  She's got everything going for her to grow into a stunning Miniature Nubian Doe.

Congratulations, Deena, for coming in second place in her age group in the MDGA  2020 Summer V-Show!

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Screaming Goat Farm Petunia F2

Dam:  SGF Elladine

I was so thrilled when Marigold was born!  I had been having a single buckling year, buck after buck, and then this little darling came along!  I was so happy to see a doeling make her entrance.  Her dam is one of my favorites, and her sires line brings two lines of Saada goats into the genetic pool.  I will be breeding her to Winney's son this fall for outstanding Mini Nubian kids next Spring.

Dam Screaming Goat Farm Elladine

Sire's Dam: SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M

Born 3/6/2019     65.62/34.38%

Miniature Nubian Does

                                     SS: Screaming Goat Farm Aljamal

                       Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Pot 'O Gold


                                 SD: Screaming Goat Farm Zaahira 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Marigold

                              DS: Green Gables Eclipse

                   Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Tater Tot

                                  DD:Soaring Heart's Farm Tate


Dam: SGF Tater Tot F6