Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Sire's Dam: VMCH Green Gables

Sapphire 3*P

Aljamal as a newborn

 SGF Tuxedo  F1

Dam: SGF Winney FF Udder

Sire's Dam: Saada Swan's Down

Sire's Sire: Lost ValleyNKO Zippy *S

Sires Dam feeding triplets

Dam: SGF Winney *P

Sire's Dam: VMCH Green Gables

Sapphire 3*P

The Mini Nubian Bucks

Sire: SGF Aljamal


Dam's Udder

D.O.B.  February 7, 2020                     %

Dam's FF Udder

Sire: Full Nubian, SGF Nabile

 SGF Little Man  F2

D.O.B. 4/9/18  64.25% Nubian/ 35.75% Nigerian 

SGF Winney F1 with newborn Manny

Aljamal seems to get his coloration from his Sire's grand Dam, Green Gables SS Shining Hope 2*P

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D.O.B.  Jan. 22, 2020                     %

                        SS: SGF Aljamal

             Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Pot 'O Gold

                     SD: SGF Zaahira

Screaming Goat Farm Capt. Jack

                              DS: SGF Storm Surge

                Dam: SGF Petunia

                               DD: SGF Winney*P

SS: Saada Elias Revelation *B

                        SS: SGF Blue Boy

             Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Aljamal

                     SD: GCH Saada Swan's Down

Screaming Goat Farm Little Man

                              DS: Saada Elias Revelation *B

                Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Winney*P

                               DD: Soaring Hearts Tate

Dam's Dam: SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M

Dam: GCH Saada Swan's Down

Sire: SGF Pot "o Gold as a kid

Congratulations Al!  2x Reserve Champion Jr. Buckling , MDGA Summer and fall  '18 V-Shows

                        SS: Lost Valley NKO Zippy *S

             Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Boy

                     SD: Green Gables Hope of Freedom

Screaming Goat Farm Aljamal

                              DS: Saada Jalal Hilkiah + *B

                Dam: GCH Saada Swan's Down

                               DD: SG Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M

Dam: SGF Petunia as a kid

Dam's FF udder

SGF Capt. Jack impressed me from the beginning.  This boy had a "dairy wedge" from the start, and he keeps getting better.  He is a SGF Winney grandson.  I am impressed with his long dairy neck, his brisket, depth of body and lovely breed character, including ears for years.  He's got three lines of Saada in his background.  On top of all this he is a genuinely sweet boy, going out of his way to come up to me for pets.

Sire: Green Gables Eclipse *B

Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

Screaming Goat Farm Storm Surge  F6

"Sergio", is my replacement "udder buck", since GG Eclipse has gone back home to WI.  He is the perfect blending of my two favorite Mini Nubian breeders, so I felt it was time for a new herd sire.  This young buck brings with him the incredible udders of his sire's dam, and the beautiful breed character and ease of milking from his dam.  He is not too shabby in the looks department, either, with his long, wide ears, colorful coat, upright stance, and nice straight top line.

Congratulations Sergio! Grand Champion Jr. Buckling, MDGA Summer '18 V-Show

handsome Manny!

The  Junior Mini Nubian Bucks

  SGF Winney came through with a beautiful buckling this year out of SGF Aljamal, bringing together two Saada lines in this beautiful little guy.  The minute he was born I could see the width of him, and knew our new herdsire had been born!  I just know he will produce more like his dam.  He has already got a set of shoulders, long elegant neck, straight topline and width from his nose to his hips.  Look at the head on him!  Add to that his Nubian character and straight legs, and he is the whole package.  Little Manny is a standout already, and will just keep getting better!

Screaming Goat Farm Aljamal F1

Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Blue Boy F1

Dam: SGF Zaina *P

Sire's Dam's Udder

 SGF Capt. Jack  F2

SD: SGF Zaahira

D.O.B. 3/1/18 Purebred Mini Nubian

                        SS: Saada Elias Revelation *B

             Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Nabile

                     SD: Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Screaming Goat Farm Tuxedo

                              DS: Saada Bearly Zaahir

                Dam: Screaming Goat Farm Zaina *P

                               DD: Green Gables Holly O'Malley

Aljamal means "beauty".  Al is the result of the combination of a powerhouse Saada Nubian doe, and our first F1 Mini Nubian buck out of an excellent Nigerian and a stunning Green Gables doe.  His sire, Blue Boy, turned out wonderfully with his tremendous body capacity, front end assembly, strong legs and incredible Nubian ears.   His dam, Swan, stands on straight legs with strong pasterns, even after eight freshenings.  Her impressive brisket and elegant neck are the hallmark of the Saada line.  Swan's Udder is capacious with an excellent fore udder, and lovely plumb teats.  Aljamal has incredible shoulders, strong legs with great rear-leg angulation, and a straight topline, with a beautiful smiling nubian face.

Dam's Dam's Udder

Sire's Dam's Udder

  Little "Tux" was difficult for his dam, SGF Zaina *B to push out, because this boy is wide!  His sire is my home grown Nubian buck, SGF Nabile, so that is where he gets his width.  Nabile is a son of Saada Elias Revelation and dam Hemphill Silk Rabbit.  Both bring a lot to the table.  Zaina's sire is another great Saada buck, Saada Bearly Zaahir, so there is Saada top and bottom in this little guy.  His Sundgau coloring is striking, and he has long ears and a very Roman nose.  His striaght top line and rear leg angulation also add to his appeal.  Can't wait to see what he throws!

                             SS: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam

             Sire: Green Gables Eclipse *B

                       SD: VMCH Green Gables Sapphire 3*P

Screaming Goat Farm Storm Surge

                              DS: FCH Soaring Heart's King of Pop

                Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate 

                               DD: FMCH Soaring Heart's Hyacinth *P