These bucks are on ice in the tank ready to contribute

their genetics to future Screaming Goat generations.

  • Grand Champion Doe (3x), Best in Show
  • 2013 2014 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Milk Test (in ALL 4 categories!)
  • 5.4# High on Test Day, Score 80.87
  • 2013 AGS National Oldest Doe on Test
  • 2013 2014 ADGA National Top 10 305 Day Awards (all 3 categories 2014)
  • Milked 1130# in 305 Days
  • ANDDA 2012 Sue Rucker Bronze JuJu Award for ButterFat (39#)
  • ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker GOLD JuJu Award (74#) - pending)
  • ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker GRAND JuJu Award

The goats in Higgs pedigree truly need no introduction. Higgs brings solid, proven, and consistent genetics to the table.  Each buck in his immediate pedigree has earned two pluses meaning that they have sired 3 daughters out of three different dams who earned their milk star (worth one +), AND two sons that have earned their + for their progeny. We are talking generations of milk on top of more milk!

Higgs' dam Zenith (arguably one of the most well known Nigerian Dwarf does) was a very correct doe who received an EEVE 90 on LA as an 8 year old!  She scored no less than a V in any structural trait with E's in back, general appearance, dairy strength, and mammary. Zenith's Mammary was outstanding through to her old age with a high and wide udder featuring a strong MSL. Her capacity lended itself well to an incredible side udder view with thirds of her udder correctly placed in front and behind her rear leg. Zenith was an uphill doe with a long elegant neck that blended smoothly into a strong front end assembly and prominent brisket. She was long and dairy with a level topline and beautiful wide/flat rump. Zenith had many offspring that have done incredible things in many herds including CH Algedi Farm D Capella (VEEE 90), GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M (VEVE 90), SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain (VEEV 90), but perhaps most notably ++*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter.  Jupiter is not only Zenith's son, but Higg's Sire; the two were bred in a very tight line breeding and as a result Higgs is heavily line-bred on Zenith (12.5%).
Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter is a once in a lifetime buck, we are pretty sure he has his own little fan base-and rightfully so! Jupiter sired the 1st place Senior Get of Sire at the 2015 Nationals in Oregon, and was named 2015 Premiere Sire at the same show! He has multiple champion daughters on the ground and is known for passing on consistently outstanding conformation and milk genetics. 


Sire: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien
      SS: *B Woest-Hoeve Royal Fortune
      SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tac Toledo 4*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92
      DS: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur’s Most Wanted EX90 (2016 ADGA Nat'l Premier Sire)
      DD: SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M EX91

​Sire's Dam: ​​SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M *D AR VEVV88

Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm

Teacher's Pet

Wood Bridge Farm HandSomeDevil

Full Nigerian Dwarf 

Dam's Udder

     Devil competed in his first buck show at the AGPA Quad Show earning Reserve Grand Champion honors as a yearling. In addition to being very dairy and structurally correct, and he also has blue eyes.  He really is a Handsome Devil!
Devil is a son of the 2014 ADGA Junior Reserve Grand Champion, CH Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet.   Both of Devil's grand-dams are permanent champions. 
     Devil's maternal half sister, Wood Bridge Farm Spelling Bee, was the 2nd place Junior Kid in 2016 at the ADGA National Show. Additionally, Spelling Bee was sold in the 2016 ADGA Colorama Sale for a record $16,100which makes her thehighest selling dairy goat in ADGA history. Littermate sisters and maternal half sisters to Devil, Wood Bridge Farm Hot For Teacher and Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise, placed 14th and 1st in the Junior Yearling class at the National Show in 2016.  Pets Promise went on to be the 2016 ADGA Junior Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf.

Dam SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M,4*D,+DAR​

Year   DIM  MILK  FAT  %  PROT  %

2011  288  1056   63   6    41     3.9

2012  305  1170   82   7    44     3.7

2013  305  1206   86  7.1  47    3.9

2014  305  1509  116  7.7  58   3.8

2015  302  1342   91  6.8  51   3.8

Sire:Castle Rock MoonRaker *S +*B SG 

     Sire's Sire:Castle Rock Cleveland Sage *SElite Buck '15 & '16

     Sire's Dam: CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River3*D +EEE88

Dam:GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92

     Dam's Sire: ++*B Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*S

     Dam's Dam: ARMCH/GCH Esperanza WS Sara*D 1*M VVEV87

B* Promisedland S Zyvox *S X SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M AR, 4*AR,​LA 90 VEEE, ELITE DOE,

Number One in MILK AND BUTTERFAT 2014  ADGA & AGS!

Dam Serafina's Milk Record

Age  DIM  #sMilk  #s BF  %BF  #sProtein  %Protein
1.01  309  590    44        7.5        27           4.6
2.02  155  657   40         6.1        28           4.3
5.01  224  760   46         6.1        30           3.9

Castle Rock Saraband (Charlie) *S 

​                                                                        DNA on File
GX UDiamond received her Superior Genetics award in July 2012.  Marquise's sister, SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M, 5*D, 2015 LA 88 VVVE, is an ELITE DOE and milked 1170 lb as a second freshener. Dam's MILK Production and a top ten doe and dam, UDiamond making history as her dam did.  They expect Diva to beat her mother's milk record. (Diva came in first in production, second in butterfat and first in protein at the 2016 ADGA DHIR milk test).  The best of Rosasharn and Promisedland, production all the way.  His full sister, Diva Diamond took first place in the 2015 ADGA milk test for production, butterfat, and protein content. Two of his daughters are making their mark as yearlings.  Farm Oldesouth Sun Bright and Farm Oldesouth Blessed Angel have made their milk stars.  We will be looking forward to more of his daughters milking and this buck earning his + through his daughters.  

Marquise completed his Grand Championship Sr. Buck in May 2016.  

CAE & Johne's Negative 1/2015.

Show Record

May 2015 - 1x Reserve Grand Champion @ Lost Valley DGA -  Under Judge Rebekah Clarke
May 2015 - 1x Grand Champion @ Lost Valley DGA -  Under Judge Sam Whiteside
May 2016 - 1x Reserve Grand Champion @ Lost Valley DGA -  Under Judge Katie Wolf
​May 2016 - 1x Reserve Grand Champion @ Lost Valley DGA -  Under Judge Kristopher Fraley

Saada Captain Jamalla

​Full Nubian

G6S Normal by Parentage
Linear Appraisal
3-02 VG88 VEE
4-02 EX90 EEE
Show Results
Senior Get of Sire:
3rd 2017 California State Fair
3rd 2017 Sonoma County Fair
1st 2018 California State Fair
1st 2018 Sonoma County Fair
1st 2018 Mendocino County Fair
Premier Sire:
2017 California State Fair

Sire's Dam: GCH Jasper's Harem

JB Coco Puff 2*M

Sire's Dam: CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River3*D +EEE88 

A.I. Sires

Herron Hill FS Curious George

To learn more about Castle Rock Goats,

Sire: Cu at lilredbarn Count Chocula

Dam: Irish-Cream Capricorn (LA 1-04 VG85)

Sinai Thunder AD Valiant *S *B

One of Quads, Polled and blue-eyed

*B Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson (EVE 90) 








Daughter, Saada Scheherezade

Thanks to Darla Sass for photos of WoodBridge Farm HandSomeDevil and his family

Photos courtesy Heron Hill


Thanks to Elizabeth Ahola, Sarah Hawkins, Andy Pestana for photos of Castle Rock goats

Photos credit: Blissberry Farm

To learn more about Woodbridge Goats,

​       There are no known photos of Captain Jamalla, but he was reported to be red with beige spots and black highlights.  Captain was a wonderful buck for Saada and they loved the daughters and son that were used in the herd. Every Captain daughter Saada owned, managed to place within the top six at a National Show.  He also produced the 1st-placed Udder at 2010 National for Show Recorded Grades.  

      I am so fortunate to have acquired a few precious straws of this legendary buck, who was one of the foundation bucks of the Saada line of Nubians.  His sister, pictured here, was LA'd as 93 EEEE, and had 6 milk stars.  Captain Jamalla sired many of Saada's best goats, and we are hoping he can still work his magic through A.I., even though the buck himself has sadly passed away many years ago.          Captain's littermate sister was SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla.  She was 1st and 2nd at National Shows and also produced some top animals for Saada.  Hemphill Silk Rabbit has been A.I.'ed with Captain Jamalla and the first four attempts failed.  Then, miraculously, the last straw took, and we got a doeling from the match!  We could not be more thrilled!!  Welcome SGF Aliyah!  She is the spitting image of her Aunt, Lady Jamilla.

Dam - AR Cornerstone Farm MM Charity 1*M *DAR EEEV90
Buckskin w/white overlay born 3/25/07

    DS: ARMCH Munchranch PH Magic Marker +*S E AR
           (Munchranch Phantom +S AR
    MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid E
    2000 NDGA National Champion!)

    DD: 4 Fun Upset
       (4 Fun Seabiscuit *S E

        MCH Valley View Madison's Medallion) 

Sire: Castle Rock MoonRaker



Dam: SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M (EEVE 90) 

2019 Candyman daughters

(excerpted from Amedeaus' page)

We are very excited about the young milkers that we have freshened from Amadeus in the last two year.  They are very correct with well attached mammary systems. His senior Get-of-Sire was third place at two shows this year in stiff competition with two 2-year-old and a yearling  (2 first fresheners) and he was premier sire at the California State Fair INBA Nubian Specialty.  His daughter's were also 1st place udder in the yearling and 2-year-old classes at the Sonoma County Fair.
Amadeus is the son of one of our favorite goats of all time, "Amina" and our SGCH Iron Owl PFY Pika son, Royal Fortune. His sister, Antares, is in our herd and expected to milk around 3000lbs this year.  Amedeus was named an ELITE buck in the August 2017 list (87th percentile).  We love the type of does he is throwing and would recommend him for anyone that wants to improve dairy type and structural correctness. 
He is a large buck that is very sharp and open.  He received a championship leg this spring, his first time shown.

Dam's Dam: Saada Laurie Jaydo

Dam's Sire: CH Wood Bridge Farm  Apache Wind

 Sire's Dam: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tac Toledo 4*M EX92

Maternal half-sister, Woodridge Farm

Spelling Bee, sold for record $16,100

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Shown here is Saada Cpt. Jamalla's litermate sister, Saada Lady Jamilla,

93 EEEE 6M

Dam:  SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92


2015 LA 90 VEE

Sire - Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei *S *B
Black w/white marking, born 3/17/13 Triplets, Polled

  SS: Sycamore SS Peg Valor *S *B
       (+*B Rosasharn FS Pegasus +*S E90.5)
       ARMCH/GCH Twin Creek DJ Scandal 3*D 2*M VG (89.1)
       8x GCH, 1x RsCH, 2x Best Udder
       AGS 2007 Top 10 1-Day Milk Production
      (High Test--4.03-22-4.1#-5.3%-3.4%))

  SD: SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M *D AR VEVV88, 89.8VG+
         Polled & Moonspots
         (CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino E (91) Polled

          12 x GCH, 4x Champion Challenge, 4x BOB, 5x Best in Show 
           Little Tots Estate Crocosmia (1x GCH ) 

 Bada Bing is an incredibly stylish Nubian buck that excels in dairy strength being tall, sharp and angular. He is level backed, has a wide, flat rump and walks with natural width between the hocks.
Bada Bing's dam, Bing, is among one of Blissberry's strongest does...she's exactly the type of doe they strive to breed.  She is long and tall, beautifully smoothly blended with a correct, tightly attached mammary system. She's a well balanced doe in all facets... she was the 1st place Three-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show, appraised EX92 this past August, she is an *ELITE* doe and is an excellent milker with a very long, steady lactation curve.  Bing recently achieved her "Superior Genetics" designation. 

 Bada Bing's littermate sister, Blissberry Bling Bling freshened beautifully and scored an exciting VG88 as a milking yearling!
Bada Bing's first kids are absolutely lovely and so correct, with many earning their dry legs.

 Dam's Dam: SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M EX91

Zenith's Udder

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Sire: ++*B GCH Algedi Farm

Drops Of Jupiter (EEE 91)

Herron Hill FS Curious George is a flashy blue-eyed boy who brings together some great lines for milk and show. On bottom he is a mix of J-Nels, Dragonfly, and Proctor Hill lines, going back to their foundation doe Caesar's Villa STS Darcie, the Stetson daughter who was dam to J-Nels Dimples. On top he is by Minter bay Flying Scotsman, aka Thomas, who recently appraised 90EEE. Thomas is a son of GCH Herron Hill CJ Cora Belle, a prodigious milker (Top Ten in 2012) who was BOB and BUOB at the 2013 Washington State Fair. 
Sire's Dam GCH Heron Hill CJ Cora Belle 1*M pictured in the BDIS lineup at the Washington State Fair, standing in front of 3-time National Champion Iron Owl PFY Pika.  She finished in the top 10 milkers in the AGDA, was number 4 in production, number 3 in butterfat, and number 2 in protein.

​​Devil at 9 months of age

Dam - AR Cornerstone Farm MM Charity


Dam's Dam: ARMCH/GCH Esperanza

WS Sara*D 1*M VVEV87 

                    SS: ++*B AGS Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi (VVV 85)

Sire: ++*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter (EEE 91)
                        SD: SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M (EEVE 90)

 DS: ++B AGS Rosasharn's Tiger L 
         Dam: SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M (EEVE 90)     
                           DD: SG AGS Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*M (EEEV 91)  

Maternal half-sister,Wood Bridge Farm Pets Promise

Paternal GrandDam
SGCH/ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3*D 1*M VEEE 91
top 10 2008 1 day milk test



                              SS: GOLDTHWAITE JOHAN S BUCH                                          



                             SD : GOLDTHWAITE MY BONNY B'LOU



​                              DS : SAADA MUCH ADO KARIBOU


                            DD: SAADA LAURIE JAYDO


A.I. Sires


Extended Pedigree

Candyman has proved himself to be a buck of the highest quality in a very short period of time.  With his oldest progeny only two years old he is #2 on the 2019 ADGA August ELITE list and was sire of the both the 1st place Junior and Senior Gets-of Sire at the 2019 ADGA National Show.  His daughters are tremendously dairy with beautiful rump and hind end structure, as well as an amazing will to milk. His two year old daughter Avina has been undefeated in her age as a two year old including being first place at the National Show. 
His dam, My-Enchanted-Acres RNBOSkitles was Reserve JGCH at the 2015 National Show. She is a strong doe and exceptionally correct in general appearance. As a 2 yr old, she freshened for the first time with a very correct mammary, especially wide, high and very smooth in the rear udder (2- 06 293 2070M 110F 91P). Her LA score was 2-06 88(VEVV).
Candyman himself is long bodied, showing lots of width throughout, especially in the loin with correct feet and legs. He was twice champion and once best buck in show this spring as a yearling buck. You can see more information on related animals at the My-Enchanted-Acres website.







"Charlie" is a product of the renowned Nigerian Dwarf line "Castle Rock", who has been a leader in the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat world for years.  He comes from a long line of milk and conformation, as witnessed by his line-up of ancestors.  I love his uphill stance, and award-winning milkers in his line.  I expect him to do great things for our future line of Mini Nubians.

Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Dam: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 

2*M 2*D EEEE 92 

G6S normal by parentage
Linear Appraisal
1-05 VG89 VEE
2-05 EX90 VEE

Show Results
2XGCH, 1XBIS 2017 Humboldt DGC 

Jr Get of Sire:
1st 2017 California State Fair
1st 2017 Sonoma County Fair
1st 2019 ADGA National Show

Senior Get of Sire:
2nd 2018 California State Fair
2nd 2018 Sonoma County Fair
1st 2019 ADGA National Show


 Sire: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien

Photo credit Wingwood Farm

Maternal Great GrandDam 
MCH/GCH Gay Mor's JJU Nonpareil 3*D 1*M  'E' 90.3 EEEE FS92

Sire: Cu at lilredbarn Count Chocula

     SS: Cu at Lil'Red Barn Fizzel 

     SD: GCH Jasper's Harem JB Coco Puff 2*M

Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet

     DS: CH Wood Bridge Farm  Apache Wind

     DD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Abbreella

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​Full Nubian


Thanks to Terry Babb for photos of Old South Nigerian Dwarf goats

Sire's Dam Moonriver's Milk Record

Age  DIM  #sMilk  #s BF  %BF  #sProtein  %Protein
1.10 353   733       55      7.5        35           4.8
3.01 85    404        26      6.4        17           4.2

Thanks to Sinai Thunder for photos of Sinai Thunder Nigerian Dwarf goats

D.O.B. 2/22/2000   ​All Out