​Our miniature dairy goats will produce plenty of rich milk while having wonderful personalities, strong conformation, and beautiful colors to boot. I love colorful goats, (can you tell?) but dairyness and conformation come first.  We are Gary and Margo Begy, and our goal is to breed a Mini Nubian that will provide you with a beautiful, fun addition to the family that will perform well on the milk stand, as well as in the show ring. We love the Nubian breed, but the size was just too much for us.  I loved the idea of the mix between the Nubian and the Nigerian breeds; smaller, with the higher butterfat milk of the Nigerian. To top that off, our Mini Nubians are bred to have loving, sweet personalities. They are good with children and are just the right size for easy handling.  

     Our herd is tested regularly for CL, CAE, and Johnnes Disease, (all negative) and are wormed as needed.  All of our goats have been genetically tested for the G6S mutation, and have been proven "Normal".  This was a very expensive undertaking, but we felt it was important to make sure that going forward we do not pass on this devastating genetic abnormality in our breeding line.  

     We have a wonderful veterinarian who comes to the farm for disbudding, testing, and to tend to any goat health needs that may arise.  Our goats are wormed as needed, copper bolused twice a year, as well as provided with good free choice goat minerals.  They are also vaccinated for CD-T, and given Coccidiosis prevention.

     Our Mini Nubian herd is bred from stock coming from many award-winning herds including: Green Gables Mini Nubians in WISoaring Hearts Farm in WA,  with backgrounds including Cornerstone farm, Echo Hills, Country Dreams, Rainbow hills, Saada Nubians, Old South Farm Nigerians, Rosasharm Nigerians, Castle Rock Nigerians, Woodbridge Nigerians, and Lost Valley Nigerians.  Please enjoy browsing through our goat's bio's, and studying their parentage.  Where you see a blue underlined name, there is a link to further information about that goat.


   * We are beginning a new line of Miniature Nubians starting with excellent, award-winning lines of PB Nubians, and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The advantage of this is that we can choose the best parents to start with, and know the genetic background of the goats we are breeding.  It will take a while to see the results of our labors, but we are sure it will be worth it.  Check back frequently on our progress, and thanks for visiting our site.*

​    If you are wondering where our farm name comes from,

come by around feeding time!

     Thank you for visiting our site, and check back frequently for updates.


Saada Swan's Down

Bandera, TX

Congratulations SGF Winney!  Best Udder in Show, and Reserve Champion 2018 MDGA Summer V-Show!

Also Best in Show,  and Best Udder in Show, at the Hill Country Mini milkers MDGA show June 2019

Due to the untimely death of my beloved husband and partner, I have sold off most of the Full Nubians.  There are some excellent bucks available.  Thanks to all who answered the call, and gave them good homes.  I hope you will give me updates once in a while to see how they are doing.  Gary loved his Goaties...

Screaming Goat Farm

Nubian and Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

These are some of the products that you can make with goat milk.  Screaming Goat Farm is now licensed to sell raw goat milk for pet and craft purposes.  Please contact us for further information.

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SGF "Winney*P"

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