D.O.B 01/27/17

Sire: Lost Valley Zippy *8 B

"Silky" is a beautiful black and brown Nubian with tons of beige and white moon spots.  She has a beautiful udder with a great medial with high and wide attachments and perfectly placed, plumb teats.  Silky has wide hips, and a straight topline and very straight, correct legs.  I love her wide Nubian ears and golden eyes.   She is already as small as some of our Mini's, so we think that it will be easy to miniaturize her progeny down to miniature Nubians.   She has been confirmed bred to B* Alegedi farms Higgs Boson through AI for fabulous F1 kids in February 2018.

Miniature Nubians

Sire's Dam's udder


                                     SS: Saada Ishmael

                       Sire: Saada Elias Revelation


                                 SD:SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Winney  F1

                              DS: CH Soaring Heart's King of Pop

                   Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

                                  DD: FMCH SH Hyacinth *P


Poppy's First Freshening Udder

D.O.B 02/02/16

                                     SS: FMCH Echo Hill's Rio Bravo *B

                       Sire: Soaring Heart's 'Beast Mode' *B


                                 SD: Echo Hills Lady Grace *P 

​​Screaming Goat Farm 'Poppy'  F5

                              DS: Echo Hills DO Goldstone

                   Dam: Green Gables 'Echinacea'

                                  DD: Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P


                                     SS: Lost Valley LG Neeko *S/*B

                       Sire: Lost Valley Zippy *8 B


                                 SD: MCH/CH Hill Country's EJ Zipline 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Sparkle F1

                              DS: Saada Ishmael

                   Dam: Delmun Diamond

                                  DD: Delmun Pandi


Thanks to Dustin Delgado and Jose Munoze of Delmun Farm for Photos of Eclaire

Silky, Dry, showing her great width of rump and plumb teats.  She also has a very strong medial attachment.

We are starting our own Miniature Nubian line from scratch, and to that end we have acquired some excellent blood stock out of some of the best Nubian lines in the country.  Our foundation does have bloodlines based heavily on the Saada line, as well as Cream-of-Kansas, and Kastdemurs, since they are producing the kind of Nubians that I like; beautiful, elegant conformation and great dairy character, with strong Nubian features.  These Does will be bred with excellent Nigerian Dwarf sires to produce our F1 generation.  All Nubian Does are G6S Normal.

Screaming Goat Farm Livia  F1

Sire's Dam: SGCH Saada Lady Jamilla 6*M

( SGCH, LA 5-04 E93 6*M)

                                     SS: Saada Ishmael

                       Sire: Saada Elias Revelation


                                 SD:SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M 

​​Screaming Goat Farm Livia  F1

                              DS: CH Saoring Heart's King of Pop

                   Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

                                  DD: FMCH SH Hyacinth *P


Sire's dam: Saada Lady Bathsheba

Winney is full sister to Livia above, and shares her beautiful conformation and breed character.  The Saada influence can be seen in her front end assembly, with her elegant neck blending smoothly into her shoulders.  She stands on sturdy legs, and her fine brisket and length of body hint at the powerhouse doe she is bound to grow into.  I am very pleased with her escutcheon, and hope to see a nice udder filling it when she freshens!  She already possesses the style that I am looking for in this new line of Mini Nubians.   I am very pleased with this awesome set of does from such an exciting cross.  76.55/23.45 Nubian/Nigerian ratio.


                                    SS: Ballew Artisan


                       Sire: Ballew Hurricaine


                                 SD: Ballew Tsunami 

​​Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit



                                    DS: Ballew Black Beauty


                   Dam: Hemphill Farm's Velvet Rabbit


                                  DD: Ballew Claire



Hemphill Farm's Eclaire

Echinacea's Udder

Dam's Dam: Kecmr Bruin Pravin

MDGA Summer 2015 V-Show

Reserve Champion Senior Buck 

D.O.B 06/10/11

D.O.B 01/27/16

Little Sparkle is the blending of a stylish Nubian dam with a Saada background, and a solid Nigerian Dwarf sire with 8 Milk stars.  She has such incredible width in her heart floor right on back to her hips.  She possesses great body capacity with impressive shoulders that blend smoothly into her neck.  She is so solid packed, she is a standout from the other kids.  I suspect she will be an important foundation doe of my new mini line.  She is a 50/50 Nubian/Nigerian ratio.

Grand Dam: Saada El-Levitica

"Katie"  This little doeling has been a bit of a sleeper.  Her buyer backed out, and I am so glad they did, because she has developed into a gorgeous doeling with extreme breed character, straight top line, looong body, up-hill stance, great body capacity, spring of rib, and just overall good looks.  AND she has stayed rather small, with good blending through the shoulders, standing on sturdy legs.  She is an excellent example of the Miniature Nubian conformation, with a blending of the traits of both breeds.  She inherited her dam's beautiful Nubian face, and long pendulous ears.  She has the greatest body capacity of any of my does, and easily birthed quadruplets last spring, and nursed them all herself without a problem!


Sire: Green Gables 'Heyden'

                                     SS: Beloved 'Freedom'

                       Sire: Green Gables 'Heyden' *B


                                 SD:  Dam: Green Gables 'Pollyanna 3*P' 

​​Screaming Goat Farm 'Katie'  F5

                              DS: CH Soaring Heart's 'King of Pop'

                   Dam: Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

                                  DD: FMCH Soaring Heart's 'Hyacinth' *P


Screaming Goat Farm 'Katie' F5

wearing her shaggy WI winter coat.

Hyacinth's Udder

G6S Normal by parentage

Tate's 2017 triplets by Nubian buck Saada Elias Revelation

Holly's 2nd freshening udder.  She had mastitis in her Left teat her first year, so it is a bit misshapened.

Thanks to Eliya Elmquist for pictures of Green Gables goats.

Sire Goldstone's face

Grand-Dam Molly's udder

Dolly's Udder

"Holly" is a great Green Gables girl with a background packed with milk and conformation.  This doeling has EXTREME breed character with super looong, wide, pendulous ears, which she inherited from her sire, Echo Hills 'Goldstone'.  Such a beautiful face on a long body with nice conformation and long legs.  Her dam, Dolly is an excellent milker with a very correct udder.  Her name is a tribute to her Grand-Dam, the incredible Molly O'Malley, and I am very happy to get some more of her genetics into my line.  The MDGA judges said of her in the '15 summer V-show, "This little doe has a lot of potential.  She has nice blending throughout.  As for general appearance, while she stands more correctly over her front legs, she also displays more extension of the brisket that we are looking for.  In body capacity she is wider and more open in the barrel right on through into the escutcheon."

Green Gables 'Holly O'Malley'  F5

Thanks to Wendy Valentine for pictures of Soaring Heart's goats.

Grace's udder

Junior Doelings

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The Does

                                     SS: Cornerstone Farms 'Napoleon'

                       Sire: CH Soaring Hearts farm 'King of Pop'


                                 SD: Echo Hills 'Lady Grace'

Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

                              DS: Echo Hills 'Rio Bravo *B'

                   Dam: FMCH Soaring Heart's 'Hyacinth' *P

                                  DD: Soaring Heart's 'Valerian'


Soaring Heart's 'Tate'  F5

"Tate" comes from Soaring Heart's Farm in Snohomish, WA,  She is a daughter of CH Soaring Heart's 'King of Pop', and FMCH Soaring Hearts 'Hyacinth *P'.   She gets good dairy genes from both sides, and her father passed on his incredible color and strong conformation to his daughter.  Her face is the most Nubian in my whole herd, with a strongly Roman nose, and pendulous bell shaped ears.   "Tate" is very affectionate, and will vie for our attention whenever we are out with the goats.  She is my best milker, letting her milk down quickly.  MDGA summer '15 V-show comments were: "This doe has excellent breed character and should be commended for that.  for her general appearance. She is wider and more open in the chest and rib areas. She also shows us more body capacity from the shoulders and chest through to the loin.  

G6S Normal by testing

Grand Sire: CH Soaring Heart's King of Pop

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Katie came in 2nd and 4th in the 2016 Summer V-show in Milking Does 2yrs. and under!  (She came in second to a VERY amazing F1 Doe, so we don't feel bad about that at all...)

Sire: Saada Elias Revelation


                                    SS: Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly


                       Sire: Saada Ishmael


                                 SD: Saada Lady Bathsheba

Delmun Diamond



                                      DS: Hemphill Farm's Mohogany 


                   Dam: Delmun Pandi


                                  DD: Kecmr Bruin Pravin



                                                SSS: Ballew C.W.

                                    SS: Ballew Black Beauty

                                                 SSD: Cream-of-Kansas Kad Karot

                       Sire: Hemphill Farm's Karot Gold

                                          SDS: Cream-of-Kansas' Solo Intrigue

                                 SD:  Ballew Kad Opal
​                                                SDD: Cream-of-Kansas Kad Karot

​​Hemphill Farm's Eclaire


                                                DSS:Creme-of-Kansas Solo Intrigue                                    DS: Ballew Typhoon

                                                DSD: Namboure N Riana

                   Dam: Ballew Claire

                                                DDS: Creme-of-Kansas Solo Intrigue

                                  DD: Ballew Splenda

                                               DDD: Saada Sharm-El Shugar


Congratulations, Poppy, for finishing first in one ring of the MDGA Summer 2016 Virtual show, and 4th in the other!

D.O.B 02/22/17

Grand Dam: SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M

Dam's Sire: Saada Casimir MacCleary

D.O.B 01/27/17

Screaming Goat Farm Winney  F1

Poppy Is Beamer's and Echinacea's last daughter. She is a beautiful combination of her dam and her sire, boasting her mother's color and sweet face, and her father's moon spots and long lovely ears.  Poppy is very affectionate and she stole our hearts.  I'm so glad we kept her, as she is all we have left of our Beamer and Echinacea.  She has luscious dairy skin, and is nice and long.  One judge said of Poppy in the 2016 MDGA summer V-show, "E (Poppy) places over A for body capacity, with greater width and depth throughout.  E also has the slight advantage in general appearance, being slightly longer and more level from hips to pins, as well as more angulated through the hock in side profile."

Sire: Ballew Sugar Baby

                                                                                   SSS : SAADA GANDOL

                                                                                                             SSSD : SAADA LEMON ALBEDO 5*M 92EEE

                                                  SS : SAADA M'LORD TREE BEARD

                                                                                                               SSDS : GOLDTHWAITE MY LIEGE OTHELLO

                                                                                    SSD : SAADA BELLFRYS M'LADY VAMPRESS
                                                                                                               SSDD : SAADA BAT'S BELLFRY


                                                                                                              SDSS : GOLDTHWAITE JOHAN S BUCH
                                                                                    SDS : GOLDTHWAITE B'LOUS MAN
                                                                                                              SDSD : GOLDTHWAITE MY BONNY B'LOU


                                                                                                              SDDD : SAADA LAURIE JAYDO


                                                                                                               DSSS : SAADA REMARKABLE LEMON MOOSE

                                                                                    DSS : SAADA MUCH ADO KARIBOU

                                                                                                               DSSD : DESERT CAPER CC'S SACCKARA


                                                                                                                DSDS : GOLDTHWAITE SAADA TYBALT

                                                                                                                DSDD : ROCKING-THISTLE ACT CABARET


                                                                                                                DDSS : SAADA CHRISTA'S MAGIC MARKER
                                                                                     DDS : SAADA REMARKABLE LEMON MOOSE

                                      DD : SAADA HELLATIOUS KARISMA

                                                                                                               DDDS : COOK'S RANCHO CHOCTAW CHIEF
                                                                                      DDD : DESERT CAPER CC'S SACCKARA
                                                                                                               DDDD : DESERT CAPER M. SACHARISSA

Sire's sire: Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly


Full Nubian Does

Dam: Delmun Pandi, full Nubian

Hyacynth's Udder

SGF Samurai (Sammy)

Dam: Saada Hellatious Swan Song 6*M  LA E 91EEEE


                                    SS: Ballew C.W.


                       Sire: Ballew Sugar Baby


                                 SD: Saada Sharm-El-Shugar 

​​Hemphill Farm's Solas Snowhite



                                      DS: Saada Casimir MacCleary 


                   Dam: Hemphill Farm's Casimir Sola


                                  DD: Hemphill Farm's Nutmeg



Livia is a beautiful blue roan out of my favorite Soaring Heart's doe and a full Nubian, Saada Elias Revelation. I wasn't sure what this combination would produce, but I was not disappointed!   Revelation has two maternal half sisters who are EX-92, SGCH does, as well as a young CH paternal sister and another who has LAed as EX.  His offspring have been very impressive, and Saada has two of his gorgeous daughters retained in their herd.   His daughter's udders are beautiful, and bodies have been improved over dams. I look forward to seeing how this stunning doe develops.  76.55/23.45 Nubian/Nigerian ratio.

Dam: Soaring Heart's Tate

Eclaire's first freshening Udder

This little girl has got quite the pedigree behind her, and we can't wait to see how she grows up!  She has lots of Saada in her background, and I hope to get some better pictures of her in future, but so far we like what we see.  She has width from her heart floor right on through to her escutcheon, and even though she is still young, you can begin to see the quality that is inherent in this fine Nubian doeling.  Diamond settled through A.I. to Woodbridge Farm HandSomeDevil for kids in Feb. 2018

Dam: Green Gables Echinacea

Dam: Soaring Heart's 'Tate'

                                     SS: Echo Hill's Dominator

                       Sire: Echo Hill's DO Goldstone


                                 SD: Echo Hill's Black Opal 2*P

Green Gables 'Holly O'Malley'

                              DS: Green Gables EHJ Beethoven

                   Dam: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P

                                  DD:  VMCH Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley 2*P



Dam's Dam -FMCH Soaring Heart's 'Hyacynth' *P

Snowhite is a rare white moon spot.  These goats are born white with black spots that fade to beige as they age.  You can see a few of the beige spots still visible on her.  There is a lot of Saada in her background.

     Snow has a long elegant neck blending smoothly into her shoulders.  A very feminine doe, with long ears and roman nose.  

LA90EEEV  I am thrilled to add this amazing doe to our line-up here at Screaming Goat Farm.  I love Swan's conformation from her great brisket, upright stance on sturdy correct legs, right on through to her wide hips and superb udder.  I also love her very Nubian face, her elegant neck, and her background,  which is why I showed the extended pedigree, so you can see all of the fabulous goats she has in her lineage.  It reads like a who's-who of the Saada line.

      Her sire's dam and his maternal sister have both placed 1st udder at National shows.  Her sire,Jalal, is powerful yet sharp and well blended.  He has impressive width between the hocks, wonderful feet and legs, and a strong back.  

      Swan's dam was a very willing milker who usually milked close to 3,000 lbs., and had 6 milk stars.  Both Sire and dam have very straight toplines and uphill stance.

     Jalal Hilkiah is a proven buck whose kids show improvement in rumps, shoulders, briskets, medials and teat placement over their dams.


D.O.B 04/01/09

D.O.B 01/30/15

To see more information of a particular goat, click on the blue highlighted entries

Screaming Goat Farm 'Poppy'

To see more information of a particular goat, click on the blue highlighted entries

Congratulations, Katie, for placing first in both rings in the MDGA 2015 Fall V-Show in the Jr. Doeling Class!

Screaming Goat Farm Sparkle  F1

Sire: Soaring Heart's Beast Mode

Screaming Goat Farm

Mini Nubian Dairy Goats

Hemphill Farm's Solas Snowhite

D.O.B 02/23/16

D.O.B 02/03/14

SGF Pippi

Saada Swan's Down  

Silky's 2017 A.I. Kids by GCH Gypsy Moon Sudoku *B +S.  

See the "Kids" and "bucks" pages for more information.

Diamond's FF F1 doeling by Nigerian buck Lost valley 'Zippy'

Hemphill Farm Silk Rabbit

Photo credit:  Frog Flat Farm, and Saada Goats

D.O.B 05/31/14

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Eclaire comes from a strong dairy background heavy in the renowned "Cream-of-Kansas" line of Nubians, with a touch of Saada on her dam's side.  She has a beautiful udder featuring excellent attachment and wide escutcheon.   She has a very correct front end assembly and strong medial.  The height of her rear udder is socked on.  She is a very W-I-D-E girl through the hips all the way through to her shoulders, and has a beautiful fore-udder.  Eclaire throws nice correct kids that mimic her characteristics.  She also has very correct feet and legs.  Her long neck and straight back, in addition to the smooth blending of her shoulders gives her an elegant appearance that belies her utility as a powerhouse milker and brood dam.  

     She has won our hearts with her affectionate nature, which we hope will be passed along to her kids along with all of her wonderful physical characteristics.  She has been bred to our Champion Mini Nubian buck, Soaring Heart's King of Pop (Mikey) for outstanding F1 80/20 kids in February.


D.O.B 04/13/15

Delmun Diamond

*The Ballew line is based heavily on Cream-of-Kansas, Kastdemur, and Saada lines.